UBC Vancouver vs UofT Scarborough for Psych

I am an international student. I have been selected by both UBCV and UofT Scarborough for a bachelor’s in Psychology. At UofT Scarborough, I have received a 100,000 CAD scholarship spread over 4 years while at UBC I haven’t received any. Though UofT’s offer is more tempting, I am confused as Scarborough’s not the main campus and it is really boring (as per people) with almost no parties and the academic load is more. While on the other hand, UBC V’s campus is really beautiful, parties happen frequently but then the cost is high as I got no scholarships at UBC.

So which one should I choose?

Would you need to take on debt to attend UBC?

UBC is indeed beautiful when the weather is good. Quite a bit of the winter will be overcast, moderately cold, and lightly raining. You might go for a month without seeing either the sun or the mountains (which are not very far away, and are very much visible from campus in good weather).

$100,000 is a lot of money. Psychology is a field where at least here in North America some form of graduate program is common, which suggests that saving some $$ in the college fund for a master’s degree might be a good idea.