UBuffalo chances (transfer)

So I’m a freshman and I wanted to apply to university at buffalo. The probably is I did not do very well the first semester because of my math grades which dropped my GPA a bit. I also had to take another math class which was suppose to assist in learning other pre-calculus work and it also dropped me GPA. I took English, psychology, and a history class those I received grades of B’s(B- to B+ grades). In the math classes I received a D in pre-cal and a C- in the computer math(assist math - which is 1 credit). My overall GPA first semester was a 2.3. This semester (2nd semester) I’m doing ok I’m receiving mostly grades of 85 and over or B’s. My question is, how are my chances of getting in. (In Your opinion) I want a second opinion because this is the only school I applied to and want to attend. Should I possibly look for backup schools.