UC accepted with omitted transcripts??

<p>Hey I have a dilemna and I was hoping someone could help me out with some advice. I recently was accepted to UCI as a transfer student for Fall 10'. I unfortunately omitted three other cc transcripts cuz I felt they would ruin my chances but now I fear I will lose my admission. Should I just submit the other transcripts by the july 15 deadline and won't be rescinded? Should I withdraw so I don't get expelled then re-apply with all transcripts? please help I dont know what to do. Thnks</p>

<p>so... when you applied, you didn't put ALL of your grades? you really have no choice here except report all your grades and get rescinded. and apply next year.</p>

<p>so for sure I will be rescined when I submit the other transcripts even if I do it before they find out?</p>

<p>Well, you purposely hid your past grades from them, which is something they put in their disclaimer when you are completing your UC Application, so yes, I am sure they will.</p>

<p>ok. damn.. well, thnks for the advice</p>

<p>dude you just made a serious mistake. if you DONT report it, you can't go to any school. sooner or later, they WILL find out that you hid some transcripts... ive seen it happen to a couple people.</p>

<p>they won't know that you went to that college and got D's or F's as long as you didnt report it on the UC application website. :)</p>

<p>@spiderman2010: but they'll know I omitted the transcripts and most likely expel me (even if I hand it in b4 they find out). I guess my best bet is to withdraw and re-apply another term.</p>

<p>But can you tell me how they gonna know about that? The university won't just go and check look for every college that you have attended, all they care about is just sending to them your college and high school transcripts so they can put into their system.</p>

<p>They could check the National Student Clearinghouse (I think that's the name). While the organization doesn't provide old grades to UC, they will show what schools you attended. They might not check, but sometimes they do. If they ever find out, even after you start taking classes, they're likely to expel you. Entering under those circumstances is fraud.</p>

<p>As a student whose CCC 3.96 is dropped to 3.47 because of one bad year at a four-year, believe me, I wish there were a way around this. Unfortunately, there really isn't (aside from academic renewal and the like).</p>

<p>(FWIW, I still really don't understand these policies, particularly how academic renewal is implemented. If your school will offer you AR--some do easily, some have tough requirements, some don't at all--UC will accept it. If not, you're screwed. It would be fairer if UC admissions adopted their own AR policy, whereby, say, 3 consecutive semesters of 3.5+ would make them disregard up to 2 semesters of poor performance once 3 years have passed. That seems fair to me, if they're going to take AR at all.)</p>