UC Additional Comments Typo

Hi. I just submitted my UC application, and I just realized I made a typo in the additional comments section on the application. My additional comments section was actually pretty long and I made no other type on any of my piqs or the rest of my uc application. On the very last bullet point in the additional comments section, I forgot a word in my sentence. I put “I have volunteered more than 1,000 so far.” I have no idea how I forgot to put “hours” and how I missed it when I was going over my application. It sucks even more that it happened at the very end of my application. Do you think this will affect my chances? Do you think they’ll understand what I meant to put? I’m trying to get into UCI for nursing and I know it has less than a 2% acceptance rate. I’m really scared that this small mistake will cause them to reject me.

On the activities section of the UC application, you can use up to 350 characters to explain the activity so was that not sufficient space that you had to use additional comments?

Additional comments section can be used to elaborate on your academic history, EC’s etc… but hopefully the information you provided is not redundant. Admissions officers only have a small amount of time to read the applications so brief and to the point is better. This small mistake will not be an issue especially if the activity was already mentioned in the activities section.