UC -- Admission by Examination

If a California student doesn’t meet the A-G requirements, but does meet the requirement for admission by examination, how does he/she let the UCs know that they want to be considered via that path? Should they put it in the additional information section, or is the process automatic and the UCs will see that A-Gs are not met and look at exam scores?

And how about the CSUs — they don’t seem to have an admission by exam process. Any thoughts for them?


For the Cal states, there is no option for admission by exam so you have to meet the minimum a-g course requirements.

For the UC’s, you would need to contact UC admissions and find out how to proceed. In the past, they required the ACT/SAT and 2 subject tests. Since the UC’s are test blind this admission cycle, it could be problematic.

Were you unable to meet the requirements due lack of HS diploma or unique circumstances?

Although UC admission by exam is an option that is offered, it is rarely used and approved.

I agree - this is a real outlier, especially to a test blind UC. No harm in contacting the UC of interest to ask.

If he/she has a high GPA, and wants to attend a UC i would find a way to to check the missing box with a CC or on-line course.

I have found privates and other states to be far more flexible on their required coursework.