UC Admissions - Grades Opinions!

<p>Hey guys, so my previous years have been quite solid relatively with 8-9 classes each year and APs, but senior year I took a little load off myself and taking 5 academic classes this year. What worries me however is that I did relatively terrible with my grades my senior 1st semester grades only receiving a 3.25 academic and total 3.26</p>

<p>I took swimming and orchestra for the 4th year and plan on finishing strong, I took regular physics and ended with a B, AP literature with a C, AP econ with a B, AP US government with an A, AP statistics with a B, and AP Calculus with a D. (yes I know two math classes =.=) </p>

<p>I know receiving a D probably just kills me, but what would you guys think of me even qualifying for any UC's now? I'm quite shattered at my senior grades thus far and just wanted some opinions on the matter.</p>

<p>Thanks for reading and your insightful opinions!</p>