UC admissions language requirement

Question for the group regarding UC’s language requirement for acceptance. How would the schools view my daughter’s application if she took a 3rd year of foreign language, but if the 3rd year were the first year of a different language than she took for years 1 & 2? (She took Spanish 1 & 2, thinking perhaps of taking French 1 online this year.) I realize that the schools prefer applicants to have 3 years of the same language, but would this be better than only having 2 years of Spanish?

Thanks for your advice!

While 2 years are required, for some campuses, 3 are recommended. What you describe is a case where 2+1 does not equal 3.

it would be the same as 2 years of Spanish and one year of psychology; French ends up as an elective, and a single year of HS French is pretty useless


Thank you!

UCs (and CSUs) effectively count the highest level completed. So the combination listed above = level 2 = “2 years”.

Thank you!