UC admissions questions

<p>I will be applying to UC’s. I am aiming for UCB, UCLA, and UCSD. I will be applying for EECS at berkeley and CS at the other two.</p>

<p>UW 3.9
W 4.18</p>

<p>SAT 1890
crit 560
reading 610
math 720</p>

<p>SAT 2
Chem 710
Math 2 640</p>

<p>took 3 ap’s junior year, none offered sophomore year
taking 4 senior year. so 7 out of 9 total at my school.</p>

<p>In key and recycling club all four years.
VP of CSF junior year, and president senior year.
founder and president of speech and debate club.
Also in NHS.</p>

<p>varsity basketball sophomore and senior year.
varsity baseball junior and senior year. </p>

<p>about 200 hours of community service from sophomore and junior year.
I also made ELC.</p>

<p>do you think i will get in for sure to any? or a good shot?</p>

<p>I’m not a big fan of chancing people, but I felt I should reply. My son will be attending Berkeley in the fall for engineering. He was also accepted to UCLA and UCSD. To be honest, I believe all three will be a reach for you. I think that your test scores and GPA are on the low side for these three universities. ELC doesn’t really help you with these three. That being said, go ahead and apply because you’ve got nothing to lose. You never know and any response to your post, including mine, is just speculation. I do think you would have a good shot at UCD, UCSB, UCI and UCSC and ELC will definitely help you with these. Good luck to you.</p>

<p>I have over the average gpa at all three universitys. fyi</p>

<p>Yes, you have a shot, but Cal will be a stretch with your SAT scores. (IMO, EECS is the most difficult major in Berkeley, and most competitive admit.)</p>

<p>Letters & Sciences at SD is a low match. UCLA will depend on your essays, and whether you can conjure up ‘overcoming adversity’. Otherwise, your lower-than-average CR scores will be hard to overcome.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>Yes, I am aware of your GPA. I saw kids this year with well over a 4.0 and much higher test scores than you get turned down by all three… An example a kid with a 4.38, over 2000 on his SAT, Varsity Sport, Yearbook, HMO, unbelievable amount of community service and he organized a toothbrush drive for a small town in Africa was turned down by Cal and UCLA. I’m not saying you aren’t a smart applicant. I’m just saying it’s not a match.</p>

<p>Just to give you some hope…
I have lower stats than you and I got into UCSD through appeal.
Just keep trying and whatever UC you get accepted/rejected to shouldn’t hit you that hard cause people do well where ever they go. There’s always the option to transfer. =)</p>

<p>If you want to see my stats:
<a href=“http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/848061-i-guess-chance-me.html[/url]”>http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/848061-i-guess-chance-me.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>well momfirst 3 there is a reason there are averages. 4.16 gpa and 2010 SAT which means that people get in with lower stats then that too. the kids you know probably have 0 ec’s and a bad essay</p>

<p>^^^ Sorry, but you have no idea what you are talking about… I’m not saying you can’t get in. You can and I hope you do, but to say that UCLA, UCB, and UCSD are match schools would not be accurate. The person I was referring to in my above post got a 5 on AP Lang and AP Lit. He is an excellent writer with many EC’s. I know many more like him who did not get in. I also know some (not many) who had lower stats and did get in. Like I said, it’s possible but I would consider those three schools (esp. UCB and UCLA) a reach. What’s wrong with that?? I don’t think it’s a negative thing to say. I think anyone would agree that with that SAT score and a 640 on Math Level II, EECS at Berkeley would be a reach. You have time to retake his SAT II and SAT and perhaps you could raise his score a bit. It’s not over by any means. You have just cemented my resolve to never respond to a chance thread again. Even when one tries to be honest and nice, it is not well received. Best of luck to you. I hope you get in to the perfect school for you.</p>

<p>Caught an error that I couldn’t edit… You have time to retake the SAT II and SAT and perhaps you could raise your score a bit… Didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t see the error. :-)</p>


<p>don’t shoot the messenger. Do your OWN research. If you run the numbers on UC statfinder, you will see that a 4.0-4.19 w gpa and a sub-700 CR W score has a 27% chance of admission to Cal.</p>

<p>same gpa and a sub-2100 SAT score = 25.9% chance of admission to Cal.</p>

<p>UCLA’s numbers are similar. Anyway you slice it, test scores still count quite a bit for unhooked candidates.</p>

<p>sorry for getting so mad. I have done my own research and all i have gotten are averages. It bugs me when i see people answering questions and saying that averages are 4.5 gpa and 2150 sat. I understand they turn down great applicants every year. I am planning on taking the ACT and redoing the SAT 2. This is my first time using college confidencial and it is a lot more negative than yahoo answers.</p>

<p>thank you all for your answers</p>

<p>Mccormickt12, no one on here said the average was a 4.5 and 2150 SAT. I think you are just sensitive and nervous about the whole process which is totally understandable. I don’t think anyone was trying to be negative. You asked if we thought you would get in “for sure to any” or “have a good shot.” The answers you received were honest but not negative. There is only one way to find out if you will get accepted to these universities, and that is to apply. I think taking the ACT is a great idea. Often times people do much better on the ACT then the SAT (two of my children were like that). Just do your best and give the whole application process your best shot. Don’t forget to enjoy your senior year because that only happens once! Somehow everything always works out in the end. Good luck.</p>


So why are you posting a “chance” thread? If the only answer you want or will accept is for people to gush and tell you that of the 50,000+ applicants EACH to UCLA and Berkeley, you are the one sophomore/senior basketball player they really, really want???

You are very mistaken. The quality of the approximately 40,000 applicants rejected by UCLA and Berkeley EACH is amazing.

So the only acceptable answers you are looking for are “for sure” or “good shot?” At schools with over 50,000 applications, sub-25% acceptance rates and a higher SAT average than you are presenting? </p>

<p>If you feel you already know it all, do not post chance threads.</p>

<p>i think that where we, as parents, make our mistakes in answering questions posed by students is when we invoke our own children in the response. momfirst (while she probably meant well) mentioned that her son was admitted to la, berkeley, and san diego right off the bat (something this student wants to happen). then the student probably found it hard to read the rest of her response without taking it as a personal affront…or a comparison bet. him or her and momfirst’s son. </p>

<p>when we’re dealing with 17/18 year olds, i think we adults need to remember that we’re dealing with insecure and often hypersensitive people (esp. when it comes to college admissions)… and tailor our responses accordingly when we choose to respond at all.</p>

<p>calimami, it sounds as though you feel people should tailor their responses to what the 17/18 year old wants to hear. This particular 17/18 year old wants to hear that he/she

to UCLA, UCB and UCSD. As momfirst has accurately pointed out, even applicants with GPAs and test scores well above the averages cannot feel confident that they will “get in for sure.” She did not say that this applicant would not get in, and added that they had a chance.</p>

<p>calimami, be sure to visit the UCLA, UCB and UCSD forums next March to see the anguished posts from rejected applicants who received “tailored” responses from well-meaning people telling them they were “in for sure.” Many of them then do not bother to apply to their match campuses because of those tailored responses - this applicant, for example, is guaranteed at UCSB, UCD, UCI, UCSC, UCR and UCM. THOSE are the ones he/she is “in for sure.” These kids should go into the application process with eyes wide open and back-up options at the ready. Trying to make them feel super-dee-duper about their admissions chances at highly selective universities keeps them from making those back-up plans.</p>

<p>^^^ I see what you are saying. I only mentioned that so he would know that I had experience when I answered, but I can see how he might have taken it the wrong way. Heck, all my kids at 17 took just about everything the wrong way!! I will try and be more sensitive but I don’t think I will ever answer a chance question again. :-)</p>

<p>momfirst: lol, that’s why i avoid those ‘chance’ threads. i think they only want to hear from their peers anyway. glad u got my point.</p>

<p>alamemom: i’m not suggesting that u tell a kid what they want to hear. i’m saying that online–as well as in real life-- it ain’t what u say but how u say it. if in your response u appear to be ‘bragging’ (be it real or imagined), then it doesn’t matter whether the essence of your comment contained useful information if the recipient is turned off and unable (for whatever reason, usu. due to their age-specific immaturity/insecurity) to absorb what u’re trying to tell them. they miss the message and it’s wasted energy. </p>

<p>btw, i don’t think UC admissions have any ‘guarantees’ anymore (other than referral campuses where otherwise UC-eligible students can attend). the landscape has changed, so suggesting that this kid is a virtual shoe-in to the other campuses that u mentioned is no longer accurate. kids with very high stats were denied from those campuses this past spring as well.</p>

<p>^^^^ I wasn’t trying to brag… It seems as if you mention anything positive about your children, it is seen as bragging which is pretty silly. I could have said a whole lot more if I had wanted to brag! :-)</p>

<p>yes, i completely understand that u weren’t bragging and i totally see where your intent was in mentioning your son’s admissions (for experience in answering the question as u said above). i get it, but i can see how a stressed-out teenager WOULD NOT. i’ve been accused of it myself on these boards which was how i recognized the anger in his/her response to you.</p>

<p>i get u, momfirst!!! LOL</p>

<p>do you think i will get in for sure to any? or a good shot? </p>

<p>Applying as a CS major makes getting into UCB, UCLA, and UCSD unlikely with your CURRENT SAT scores. Less so for UCSD, but it still makes that school a (lower) reach. So, to answer your very own question, no I do not think you have a good shot. If you were an “undeclared” major your chances would increase BUT transferring into EECS or CS after the fact is next to impossible or difficult at these UC’s. Good luck to you, and I hope you raise those SAT scores and raise your chances!</p>