UC and CSU admission chances?

I have 3.78 u/w GPA
3.83 w GPA
reached volunteer hours,
certified in dance and music,
internship in marketing from August 04/2021,
3 APs, 1 community college subject,
in 11 grade AP computer principles, web design,
12 grade AP Psychology, AP Computers A, and Marketing
looking to apply computer science or technology information and management.
what are my chances in UCs and CSU s?

First calculate all 3 UC GPA’s using this calculator: GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

The CSU GPA capped weighted can be calculated using the same Rogerhub calculator but make sure you count the community college course twice with 2 Honors points.

Please post your results.

Since there are 9 UC’s and 23 Cal states, which schools are you targeting?

In general, a capped weighted UC GPA below 4.0 would be a difficult admit for most of the UC’s in CS. Target UC’s would be UC Riverside and Merced. Santa Cruz could be a slight Reach and the rest would be on the Reach side. This would be true also for the few UC’s that offer IT/Management majors.
The numbers below are overall admits but CS would have much lower admit rates.
2020 Freshman admit rates for UC GPA of 3.80-4.19 capped weighted and not major specific:

UCB: 14%

UCLA: 8%

UCSD: 39%

UCSB: 40%

UCD: 55%

UCI: 38%

UCSC: 82%

UCR: 90%

UCM: 97%

For the Cal states, there a numerous Cal states where you would be competitive for CS or IT/Management.

Other than the top CSU’s such as Cal Poly SLO, San Diego State, San Jose State, Cal State Long Beach and possibly Cal Poly Pomona, the rest of the Cal states would be targets or safeties.

What kind of college environment are you looking for along with location? Do you plan to live on campus or commute? You need to have some guidelines to determine a viable college application list.


I am pretty much interested to join in

UCSC,UCR, and San Jose State universities.

Live on campus. UCSC has nice technology information program.

Thank you

SJSU CS is not possible based on your GPA but IT should be fine. Are you local to SJSU since you get priority and a GPA point bump?

UCR and UCSC are far from guaranteed admission so you need to add a few more CSU’s to your list.

I have linked the CSU’s that offer CS or IT programs here:

Best of luck.

With a sub 4 GPA, most of the UCs are going to be a reach. UCR is a coin-toss, UCM is likely, the rest of the UCs are unlikely.

As far as CSUs - CPSLO is probably out but, the rest of the CSUs would be happy to have you for most programs. (CS at SJSU, probably not) SDSU - probably, CPP and CSULB have very solid programs but still have a commuter vibe. Chico also has a solid reputation but is in a college town and offers a more stereotypical student experience.

Apply broadly and good luck

I am from Alameda county but SJSU is in Santa Clara county . I think So I am not local.
Thank you

Thank you

East Bay is your local CSU and they have a very reputable CS program so I would apply there as a Safety school. IT/Management will be a slightly easier admit than CS for the Cal states in general, but also targeting non-impacted programs will help your chances.

Here is the CSU impaction matrix to figure out which schools are not impacted for the programs you are interested in applying:

Your EC’s seem more geared toward IT/Business than CS although you cannot go wrong in pursuing either major.

Yes I will apply East bay university.
Thank you

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Oh I didn’t know community college courses taken between 9th summer and 11th summer is counted towards Honors. That’s really awesome!. I do see my DD’s weighted at 4.7 and capped at 4.44 now. Thanks @Gumbymom

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The CC classes need to be CSU/UC transferable to get the extra Honors points. The course grades are counted twice for CSU’s but only once for the UC’s. CSU’s do not consider the Fully weighted GPA only the capped weighted vs the UC’s which look at all 3 UC GPA’s.

“make sure you count the community college course twice with 2 Honors points” ?

I don’t understand, can you please explain?

I took community college course in 11th grade summer

Thank you

When calculating the CSU capped weighted GPA, you enter the grade twice and get 2 honors points in the calculation for a CSU transferable CC course.

Edited: Do not confuse the CSU GPA with the UC GPA if you have taken CC courses, since the UC’s count the CC course grades only once with 1 extra Honors point.

If you take no CC courses then the UC Capped weighted GPA = CSU Capped weighted, but taking CC courses changes the calculation. CSU’s only look at the Capped weighted and will not consider the Fully weighted but will note any HS course rigor.

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typically the top UC GPAs don’t top 4.4 so you might want to doublecheck your calculation

The 4.4 Capped weighted GPA is another posters student, not OP so waiting to see what OP’s CSU/UC GPA will be with the correct calculation.

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Mine had 18 letters + 1 (for CC class), of which she had 2 taken away for non a-g (a TA class) and she had 1 B+. So it became 16As (incl CC), 1B and 12 honors pts (5APs = 10 and 1 Precalc acc and 1 CC). I inputted these details in rogerhub, it gave be a 4.44 capped

I presume it gets rounded to 4.4

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CCC Transfer here

4.00 GPA

Golden 4 and rest of pre reqs will be completed in spring 22

I applied to SDSU SJSU CAL POLY AND CPP all MIS/Information Systems major

I know you are a new poster to CC but this discussion is about chances for the Original poster (OP) so if you are just listing your stats or want feedback on your transfer chances, I suggest you start your own discussion please.

Thank you.

that’s really outstanding, I am sure you will be competitive for all of the CSUs and UCs. That said, a high GPA doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in everywhere you - especially the top UCs.

Apply broadly. and good luck.