UC and PRivate Chances??? Please?

(800 Math and 500 Verbal) - 1300
SAT 2:
Math 2C: 790
Physics: 710
Writing: In Nov....probably 600
High School GPA: 4.18
Rank: 28/672
UC GPA: 4.047</p>

<p>1 C in Record...4 B's and Rest A's......since freshmen year
3Ap's in Junior Year and 3 AP's Senior year....I have taken honor classes in freshmen and sophomore years as well. </p>

<p>Pretty good EC's and will have good Essay and Recommendations. </p>

<p>If you can tell me my chances for these schools....
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
John Hopkins</p>

<p>Will my bad verbal score and 1 C lose my chances of acceptance? because I'm scared.</p>


<p>Assuming you are in-state for the UCs,</p>

<p>UCB: Slight Reach
UCLA: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match
UCD: Safe Match
Cornell: Reach
UPenn: Reach
Columbia: Super Reach
NYU: Slight Reach
Georgetown: Slight Reach
USC: Slight Reach
Stanford: Super Reach
John Hopkins: Reach</p>

<p>wow, i didnt know that I was that bad....</p>

<p>The question of getting admitted or not is not solely based on the
SAT scores or grades. If you show that you really want to go to the school
you're applying very eagerly they might consider you as a likely candidate.
Also, even if you've gotten a C, if you show that you're improving and
working arduously, it might compensate for it.
In your application, show some qualities that distinguish you from other
people. For example, from the ECs that you've done, do you have anything
that's outstanding compared to other people? Or, do you have any
special skills or academic strengths? As long as you show that you are
special and superior to others in one or two fields, the colleges may
be interested in accepting you as a student.</p>

<p>oh ok, but isn't there a formula that UC schools use for test scores to see which student is higher academically....if so ....do u know the formula they usE?</p>

<p>ECs are super important! If you want more feedback on what colleges will think you should tell us what you think "pretty good" ECs are, because they are going to need to be your strongest thing for you to get accepted at most of these schools!</p>

<p>Sean, the formula i believe is (SAT I Composite) + (2x[SAT II English + SAT II Math + third SAT II]).</p>

<p>cboryca22...well they arent actually pretty good but they are decent...i think they are just normal...and not tooo unique....cuz its just like Symphonice Orchestra for 4 yeras....CSF for 2 years....Science and Medicine Academy for 3 years.... 112 Community Service hours at public library, Pre-Medical Society 1 year....and Private Tutoring for 2 years and Student/Buddy Helper at Library (Job) 1 Year...for awards i earned an SCSBOA award for Superior ....Golden STate? i got a few of those....and thats pretty much it..i might be missing one or two....</p>

<p>Teal: ok, so if i calculuate that what is a good score? </p>

<p>thanx for your opinions guys</p>

<p>any other opinions?</p>

<p>I would use the 10 Real SATs book intensively and retake SATI. The verbal score will keep you out of better schools.</p>