UC app, HS activities and awards

<p>In the UC app, in the activities and awards section, can you list High School activities and awards?</p>

<p>I suppose you can. It would be preferred that you start with the most recent to include those.</p>

<p>I put down a club I started in high school, but then again I have very few ECs and no awards. There aren't really many opportunities for doing things at my college.</p>

<p>I only have 2 things under EC (high school club, violin lessons), 2 things under community service (both involved with working at middle schools), and 3 things under work experience (all of which are tutoring-related). Is this bad?</p>

<p>There are few things that can be bad on the application. Information provided will never have a negative impact on your application. If you believe we should know about it then list it.</p>

<p>What I was asking was more along the lines of: "Is it bad that I only have this many things to put down for EC?"</p>

<p>If the competition of applicants if high and the admissions office needs current activities to give you an edge, then I guess it would be bad. It all depends on the competition level of the applicant pool.</p>