UC App Questions?

<p>I'm an OOS applicant, so I'm really confused with me entering in my courses. I've taken semester long courses that are part of the "F" requirement (from what I have read, you need a year long course for this requirement, but i have a year long strings class in freshman to satisfy it, so I'm not asking if these semester long courses satisfy the requirement... rather...) I was wondering if these classes are still weighed as much as my year long courses? My school gives 1 final grade per year... so this would apply for semester long courses too right? I'm hesitant to add these courses because it seems like im GPA boosting (which actually isnt that bad.. haha). And btw the courses are like Computer Aided Drafting, Computer Graphics, and Photo 1. </p>

<p>So should I still input these when the app asks me to report my classes?</p>

<p>And totally OT but does a mandatory health class count towards any of the requirements?</p>