UC appeals

<p>It looks like I’ll be appealing to most of the UC’s. They all want “new and compelling information”. I mentioned my experiences with a personal disorder under the “Additional Information” section, but I basically turned it into another essay, so I’m afraid they just skipped over it. </p>

<p>However, I also wasn’t UC eligible (GPA was too low), so maybe the disorder wouldn’t make a difference. Should I still appeal anyway? And if I do appeal and mention my disorder again, is there a chance they will see it as “new and compelling information”? The only other new information I have are drastically improved Senior grades (though some UC’s don’t count them as basis for appeal). </p>

<p>I just want to see a few opinions so maybe I can start feeling more optimistic.</p>

<p>i was also not UC eligible. may i ask what your stats were? and did you get accepted to any UC's?
sorry it's off topic from your question</p>

<p>For UCs with a point system, it's easier to see what was missed and what wasn't. Call them first and ask them where you stand in the cut off. I beleive UCSD gives you point for special circumstances;</p>

Special circumstances and/or personal challenges:

<p>Single parent household: 250 pts. </p>

<p>Working to contribute to family income AND
a minimum of 20 hours per week during a school year: 250 pts.</p>

<p>Life altering event (foster care, death of immediate family member, personal involvement in a life trauma): 500 points</p>

<p>Less severe event/situation: 250 pts</p>



<p>I think it's a bit strange how a life altering event equals five years of A-G courses pointwise. They've boiled personal experience into numbers...</p>