UC Applicant Portal

Sorry if this seems a basic question but I have not received an email from one UC school regarding the website portal information. Maybe I deleted the email or have yet not received it yet but it was not in my spam folder. Should I wait a little bit more or should I contact the admission office about the situation? Also, how do I go about this situation, do I email the specific UC school?

Email the specific campus for instructions. Which campus?

UC Riverside

Email admissions.

If you applied for admission but have not created a MyUCR password, please locate the email sent to you from UC Riverside Undergraduate Admissions that contained log in instructions and a link to create a password. If you have already tried to create a password using that link but were unsuccessful, you will need to contact Undergraduate Admissions to obtain a new link.

If you cannot locate the email, please email the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at admissions@ucr.edu.