UC Application Fee

<p>I paid the fee right when I applied, it says so on my credit card record. However, the UC website said "balance due of $140". I emailed them saying I already paid, showing them the screen shot of the receipt. A support replied saying "Your payment was processed and your application was submitted. Your application ID is....." That was last month.</p>

<p>A few days ago, I got an email saying "Your application to the University of California for fall 2012 has been processed and forwarded to the campuses you selected; however we are still showing a balance due of $140. Unpaid application fees may jeopardize your admission status. Application fees are non-refundable, even if you cancel your application." I emailed them again saying the same thing as last time, with the screen shot of the support's email and the receipt but they haven't replied yet. </p>

<p>Does anyone else have this problem? I'm really freaking out!</p>

<p>To how many campuses did you apply, and how much did you pay? The application fee is $70 per campus, so if you applied to three campuses, the total fee would be $210.</p>

<p>I applied to two campuses, and I paid $140. I called this afternoon but no answer. I'll call again tomorrow. Just wondered if others had this problem as well.</p>