UC Application GPA with Dual Enrollment?

Hello! I’m a junior and I will be taking two classes at a community college this summer. When I apply to UC schools will the grades I receive in my community college classes go into my overall UC gpa too?

For DE courses, yes the grades will be included in your UC GPA if they are UC transferable. They will also be part of your permanent college record so make sure you do well especially if Grad school is in your future.

My daughter’s hs is now offering dual enrolled community college classes instead of AP classes. I am concerned how these classes will be calculated for UC GPA. Will my daughter’s UC GPA be lower and hurt her chances for admission because she won’t have the weighted AP classes? Thanks!

If the DE courses are UC Transferable they will be calculated into her UC GPA but she will also get 1 extra point for each semester of class taken.

The UC’s look at 3 UC GPA’s: Unweighted, Capped weighted (8 honors points for 8 semesters) and Fully weighted (unlimited number of honors points).


Just make sure that she does well in the DE courses since they will be part of her permanent college record and will have to be disclosed when applying to any college for Undergrad and Graduate school.

Note that while CSU recalculates GPA the same way as the UC weighted capped version, CSU counts transferable college courses as two courses with two grades each, rather than one course with one grade each that UC does.

https://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/files/quick-reference.pdf (page 15)
Eligibility Index and GPA Calculator | CSU (click “GPA Calculator”)

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