UC application procedure

<p>Hello everybody. I will apply to transfer in this fall. And now I want to know when UC will ask me to submit the fall 2008 grades(fall 2008 will be my third semester before transfer, and spring 2009 will be the last one). I need to submit my grades online or need to send them the hard copy? When I finish my last semester do I need to submit my last semester grades to them too, online or hard copy?</p>

<p>Application=Online. Accepting Admission=Hard copy to verify. You update your Fall '08 grades online in January, and then your Spring '09 will be sent with the hard copy in June or July after you've accepted admission.</p>

<p>thank you for answering my question. and I want to know in june or july 2009 when I send the hard copy to them I need to send all the 4 semesters' grades to them or only spring 2009 grades? Besides the transcript, what else I need to send to them?</p>

<p>All 4 semesters, and most likely an IGETC certification. You just go to the admissions office at your local CC, fill out a form, and they do it all for you. It takes a total of about 4 minutes. Cal and I think UCLA also want you to send in your highschool transcripts, though that's nothing to worry about, they don't place any importance on them whatsoever.</p>

<p>Thank you thetrumpet.Got it.</p>

<p>@yanlau920: The IGETC certification is required, but it depends on what your major is. I didn't complete my IGETC and I still got accepted because my major didn't require me to complete the IGETC.</p>

<p>About the grades, when you request an official transcript, the school will send all the grades from the classes that you have taken from the college (that's how it works for my CCC). So, when you request it at the end of the Spring semester 09, they will send all the grades (from all semesters).</p>

<p>The application should be filled and submitted by online as what thetrumpet070 said.</p>

<p>fri3nds04: So the cc will go straight to send my transicript to UC or send to me then I send it to UC? by the way what's your major? they don't even require you to complete IGETC!?</p>