UC application question....for all you admissions geniuses

<p>I'm applying for UCs. Application by examination or application by exception. (I'm a junior in HS applying for Fall 2007, so I don't have 4 years of english, which is required to apply). I am considered a California resident but attend high school out of state (recently confirmed that I'm a resident) My school does not appear on the "a-g" course index. So how exactly do I go about filling out the application? There are no UC approved honors status courses for my school (but I do have alot of honors+AP classes)
Should I go for application by examination? (I should qualify by SAT scores, though I haven't taken them yet)
Should I try for application by exception? Do students ever take this route? What are the chances of getting in by this method?</p>

<p>you really don't have to plan a route. If you have the test scores to be eligible by exam, they will count those. But, the UCs do have application readers that understand OOS schools and their grading policies. As for whether you should mark Honors on your application (AP classes are AP classes -- definitely denote them), call the Help Desk -- they're great and not too busy right now.</p>