Uc application transcript inconsistency

For a semester-long class, I entered the second semester as Planned instead of the No Course option. Should I fix this?

Yes, I would send a correction since the UC’s will expect to see the course and grade for 2nd semester on your transcript. Not a major issue but better to be safe. Keep any documentation you receive back from UC admissions just in case.



I called the admissions office and they told me to contact the individual admissions office of each UC school I applied to once the portal is set up. Will this application update request hurt my chances of admission?

The mistake will not impact your chances, but it could impact your provisional admission since your self-reported academic history on the UC application needs to match your final transcript.

Hi, just submitted my UC application as a transfer. I did not added a 0.5 credit course that was a sequence and I took for three semesters. It was a required course for my community college but is not transferable and it did not appear in the classes in the UC application, therefore I did not added it. Now I realize It might had been necessary. Is this going to impact my admission decision? Should I contact UC application center right now or should I wait?