UC Application Verification (Audit)

<p>Hey Guys,</p>

<p>So the University of California emailed me with this below;</p>

<p>"Thank you for applying to the University of California. We are pleased you are considering the University of California and wish to expedite your application processing as much as possible.
The University is committed to a high degree of integrity in the admissions process and conducts a random check to verify self-reported information provided in the application. You have been selected as part of this random sample of applicants. Please provide documentation for the information in your application being verified as noted below."</p>

<p>Basically they highlighted me being a part of a club. I was thinking about getting my advisor to write a letter about my involvement. What else should I provide? Would that be significant documentation?</p>

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<p>That should be sufficient.</p>

<p>I got an audit as well. I have a certificate that proves my volunteer work, do I just scan it and email it to them?</p>


<p>I think you’re supposed to mail it to them. You might be able to email them, but you should verify that first.</p>

They allow both email and mail, and they mentioned that email was preferred. So I would assume you would scan the documentation as that’s the only way right?</p>

<p>I got one too. They want me to verify my full-time paid employment. There’s a form attached that you can email or snail mail back to them with proof. The 2nd attachment gives ways to verify your activity.</p>


<p>Oh, well in that case yeah, email them and scan the document.</p>

<p>How long will these audits be going out for? is it a one time deal or is it thru the whole app cycle?</p>


<p>They randomly select 10% of all applicants in December to verify one of their ECs.</p>

<p>So if you did not get an Email your fine?</p>


<p>Yep. But you should check your spam folder just in case.</p>

<p>So they already sent them all out already? I’m totally worried about this even though I know I told the truth. Idk why. It’s just scary to think if something went wrong like they didn’t get the document or something. Hope the process goes smoothly for everyone who has gotten one.</p>


<p>The UCs are extremely accomodating and understanding about these kinds of things. Surprisingly, they’re not very bureaucratic when it comes to these things so I don’t think anyone has much to worry about provided they told the truth of course.</p>

<p>@Cayton I checked the Spam folder. nothing. I just wanted make sure just incase. I don’t wanna get rescinded for not providing the required info. </p>

<p>Thanks brother.</p>

<p>Man I really hope they finished sending out all the emails yesterday. It’d suck if they were coming out in waves or something.</p>


<p>No problem!</p>


<p>Yeah, that would suck. Thankfully, it’s just a one-time thing.</p>

I hope that’s the case!</p>

<p>For the people who’ve received the verification email, are you guys transfers or freshmen?</p>

<p>^^^Not to be Captain Obvious, but this is a transfer forum.</p>

<p>Do they message you saying they received your document or message you back saying send another document instead? I don’t wanna get screwed ahhah</p>

<p>@2016Candles: whoops, didn’t see that. Sorry about the confusion. ; n ;</p>