UC application

<p>I made my payment online, using credit card, on my laptop. It was a success. Then i was planning to print the receipt, so i went on my desktop, that means LOGGING OUT. I logged in AGAIN on my desktop, and the receipt ISN'T THERE. </p>

<p>Instead, when i clicked 'View Fees and Payment' on my UC application, and it says that</p>

<p>'The total amount due is shown below. The balance may not reflect any payments you have mailed. Processing of payments can take up to three weeks.'</p>

<p>and the balance due amounted to 0.00.</p>


<p>Does it mean I do not owe them anymore money and I've fully paid? Or does it mean the payment was invalid?</p>

<p>Okay maybe I should've read what the little pop-up box said before I made my payment. It said something about 'DO NOT LOG OUT. PRINT IMMEDIATELY' but i logged out because the only way i can print the receipt is through my desktop.</p>

<p>Help me win this battle!</p>

<p>I believe that balance due: means that you owe no money. Relax man. Take a breath. Especially if you got an email that says your application was submitted successfully.</p>

<p>^As noted, balance due = 0 means you have already fully paid any necessary application fee.</p>