Uc applications?


Should I still take the SAT? I’m not sure if I’m even able to because of COVID 19. Although I understand it is not required, will it still make a negative impact on my application and make it more difficult for me to get in?

Also, does the UC admission process look more on your overall UC gpa or the grades you received? My grades were pretty bumpy but my UC gpa isn’t too bad especially because I was in dual enrollment and took several AP and Honors classes.

If your UC GPA capped weighted is lower than a 4.0, I would try to take the SAT and ace that exam to help your chances. UC’s look at all 3 UC GPA’s (Unweighted, capped weighted and fully weighted). They also look at your individual grades for each class 9-11th along with your HS course rigor. Competitive schools like to see good grades in AP/Honors classes and like to see that you challenged yourself.