UC applications

<p>Did anyone start filling out the UC apps? </p>

<p>1-What did you guys fill out for the course type for your sports? They only have english, history/social science, laboratory science, langauge other than english, college prep electives, mathematics, and visual and performing arts. they dont have "others"</p>

<p>2-i took calculus I with analytic geometry in San Jose City College. is that an AP or NH?</p>

<p>3-They only have 5 slots each for awards/honors. I have to pick the best 5 out of like 10. might as well make the description sound good...pathetic</p>

<p>4-do clubs count as EC's? They only have 5 slots so...</p>

<p>5-I'm in ELC and they seemed to have filled out my courses for me. But... I went to two different schools during freshmen year; one during first semester, the other during second. So, on my courses, do I write English 1/2 or just English 1 if it were only for first semester? When they filled it out for me, they said English 1/2 (but then again they messed up some of my classes and spelled my middle name with W instead of a V).</p>

<p>6-If you are gonna take SATs in december, do you fill out your old score in the blanks they have and say plan to take in december...or...just fill out that you plan to take it in december and leave the top blank? I have a feeling that they might look at my non-retake score and judge from there if I fill out my scores.</p>

<p>1) Sports do not apply as a class under the UC system.</p>

<p>2) That is CL.</p>

<p>3) Yep.</p>

<p>4) Yes.</p>

<p>5) Write exactly what is on your transcript. Trust me. A girl at my school got in UCSD, then was rejected because of a transcript discrepancy. Put EXACTLY what is on the transcript. (She later got in, I wrote her appeal letter)</p>

<p>6) Plan to take in december, insert current scores.</p>

<p>thanks a lot tlaktan.</p>