UC Berkeley Campus Visits: Share Your Tips & Recommendations

I would like to add that when I visit my freshman dd I usually park in the garage on the corner of Durant and Telegraph adjacent to Unit 3 dorm, literally one block south of the campus. Just go north on Telegraph when you exit the garage and you will walk right pass the Sather Gate and Sproul Plaza in no time. The 1st hour is FREE! Then $1 for the 2nd hour, then $2 for the 3rd hour. Stay pass 4 hours though you will pay the daily max of $16, so if you hang around longer than that you may want to move your car (and re-park perhaps). For more info on the garage see Parking Garages and Lots | City of Berkeley, the one I’m referring to is called Telegraph Channing Parking Garage.

This garage is smack-dab in the middle of student activities where all the dorms and eateries are located, a perfect place to experience the college vibe at night. To be young again!


Thanks for the great info!

My daughter and I stayed this week at the new Residence Inn. Rooms were large and very clean. They have a rooftop bar and restaurant that had beautiful views and surprisingly very good food too!

@worriedmomucb @scrambro @lkg4answers For family of 4 - our consideration for lodging will be parking availability, walking distance to campus and walking distance to restaurants for dinner… With that said, would Residence Inn be better fit than the Graduate?

They’d probably both be fine. Both are within walking distance to campus as well as dining. I can’t speak to parking availability, so I would call them and double check. My personal preference would probably be Residence Inn because it’s close to BART which is how I get around - so that might be a consideration if you plan to site see around the Bay. BART would give you easy access for a day trip to San Francisco.


I haven’t stayed at either. My spouse stayed at the Graduate a couple of years ago and said that the room was very small.

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I’d opt for the Residence Inn for the big rooms, breakfast etc. I’m sure you’re on top of this, but check the rates. I’ve seen the residence inn rates above $750 per night for certain football game dates, which is pretty obscene.

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@pathandpurpose I’ve stayed at both of these. The Graduate years ago when I went to a concert at The Greek Theater and The Residence Inn with our student the night before Cal Day when he was making his final college decision.
Personally I would pick The Graduate for its old Berkeley charm and proximity to South Side and closer to more student action, assuming you are coming with prospective students. Both are easy for walking (but know you will walk a lot in Berkeley!) and are close to tons of good food options. Residence Inn has valet parking that’s easy. I forget where we parked at The Graduate, but if you can inquire with the hotel about parking, it would have my vote. Residence Inn was nice too and had a small kitchenette, but is more like a high rise hotel in many big cities. Enjoy your time in Berkeley!

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