*UC Berkeley Class of 2025 discussion**

I have never seen any UC rescind an applicant for not taking an AP exam and I have been on CC for the last 8 years. If you are unsure, I would email admission directly to confirm. UCB has always had in the provisional admission contract a statement about the AP exams, however this year they have included a form to send if you decide not to take any of the AP exams based on what was reported on the UC application.

check their instagram/twitter, they explicitly said cancelling AP wont affect admission

Thank you @Gumbymom I will contact admissions.

@ye2024 can you please let me know where you saw this statement? I guess I need to get on instagram or twitter now!

Correct, but make sure to fill out the form they requested. That was explicitly posted on their IG page.

Found it…


Crime at UCB: posting my sons emails for those still trying to decide like in the Usc thread. Mostly around the large nearby homeless encampment.

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Is the housing portal down for anyone??

Thank you for sharing the crime report emails. Is that information on crimes available to those of us who are not students yet, or can we subscribed to Berkeley WarnMe emails?

Thanks. It may be helpful to give a little context to these. I see 7 violent crimes listed there in a month. If you go through one by one, you can find that 2 are in or right around People’s Park (like you mentioned), 2 other ones occurred after 1 am.
I don’t know how other campuses handle crime reporting, but UCB is very open and communicative about reporting crime around campus. The city is a lot of fun, amazing culture and food, the absolute opposite of boring.