*UC Berkeley Class of 2025 discussion**

@anikamehra7 @basch Seems like they are waiting on June 15 when California is scheduled to officially reopens the economy.

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Does anyone know how long it generally takes for the UC to enter mailed transcripts? We sent two separate transcripts from community colleges one on May 1 and another on May 5. Neither have been recorded. We did ask the admissions office but the response didn’t answer the question.

I’m not sure about mailed, but my sons electronic transcript took 2-3 wks to get recorded

@CCayenne Thank you! I saw that the electronic transcripts are being processed. Mailed seem to be taking a while.

Just a heads up - my son received his housing offer. Apparently the email came in two days ago but with senior week/graduation/grad night, he didn’t see it until today. He was given 7 days to accept and pay a $300 deposit, which he did. Happy he didn’t miss the deadline :grimacing:!

Since I haven’t seen anyone else post, I’m wondering if his offer came in early because he applied for - and was accepted into - theme housing at Clark Kerr. He’s got a double, but there’s a disclaimer it could possibly go to a triple if “health guidelines” change.

Yeah, paid the deposit today and registered for a meal plan. My daughter didn’t apply for theme housing. She got a triple room, with which she’s fine.

Also, some people were concerned about the AP scores being released after the June 15 deadline. Office of Undergraduate Admissions sent an email saying transcripts are due July1 and for AP exams, “The published deadline for AP exam scores on CalCentral is July 15; however, we are aware that the 2021 exam scores will likely be delayed beyond July21. You will not be penalized for the delayed scores. If you submitted scores for AP exams prior to 2021, please know that they will not be received until mid-July.
The admissions officer assigned to your record will contact you if they have any concerns regarding your document status.”

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I didnt get an email abt housing yet at all but I submitted an application on time and paid the $40. what’s going on?

Have you checked the housing portal. That’s where the results are posted.

My son received his housing notice with link to portal in his Berkeley email.