UC Berkeley conditions of admission for transfer

Hi everyone!

I got accepted into UCB for transfer and have the following condition:

  • I agree to complete all planned and in-progress coursework with a 3.0 or higher GPA, and no individual grade lower than a C:*

  • ARCHI 244 Archi Practice/Wrkg Drawings I*

  • COMM 120 Public Speaking*

  • ARCHI 221 Architectural Design III*

  • BUS 240 Business Statistics*

Could someone please explain to me what does 3.0 GPA mean in this case, because I am confused. Is it overall semester GPA, or I should have maintained 3.0 in every class? If so, why does it say “no individual grade lower than a C”? “C” grade weight is by itself lower than 3.0.

Thank you.

I read that as a 3.0 overall but no individual grade can be lower than a C.


Thank you! I did as well, but got one C and they have been processing my transcript for 3 weeks already. So I am very anxious now, thought maybe it’s actually 3.0 for each class.

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Colleges are amazingly slow this year with all administrative tasks! Hang in there!