UC Berkeley Fall 2021: Transfer Waitlist Thread

This is a tread for transfers waitlisted to UC Berkeley for 2021.

I’ll start: CS major as 3rd year CC student with IEGETC completed and 3.93 gpa + 1.5 yr CS internship exp and good essays. I was waitlisted last year but not offered admission so I thought I’d get in for sure this year. Best of luck all.

aw hell yea, waitlist threaad. honestly im just happy to not have gotten a rejection

Yeah. Are you from CC? I thought I read somewhere last year that CC students have 1/3 chance of acceptance off waitlist. That is why I transferred from 4 year to CC. Best of luck.

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If you were waitlisted, this might make you feel better: Record-high number of high school students apply to UC Berkeley | Berkeley News

yea im cc, i go to berkeley city college

Oh nice, that’s gotta be a plus for your app :^)

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apply for applied math

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fellow waitlisted transfer here!
major: history
gpa: 3.74 overall, 3.9-4.0 major gpa
school type: CCC (received my AA-T in june 2019, kinda accidentally took a 2 year break after SIR’ing at uc davis and deciding to not go… then covid hit)
ECs: lots of leaderships experience and programs in hs, drama/musical theatre throughout hs, nothing much but work experience in college which i think is what hurt me. basically just a hostess/cashier at a coffee shop and a substitute teacher for special education (still my current job)
PIQs: i’m a strong writer so i feel really good about those. i’m trying to brainstorm topics for the personal essay, i’m sure a lot of students are opting into the waitlist so i really need to wow admissions.

to everyone that was waitlisted, congrats! it may seem disappointing for some but it’s honestly still really impressive knowing all our applications made it past SOME process that hundreds of others didn’t. since covid is still a big problem, lots of students may not take their spot so we’re almost there!!!

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waitlisted! legal studies major with 3.8 gpa and pretty meh essays and good EC’s

spent way more time on my usc essays, and my application was pretty clearly cut to be a business/econ oriented one lol. i figured i’d give myself the option of pursuing my original major choice at berkeley with law.

not too upset by the waitlist, i totally agree that being where we are as waitlisted is still a huge win! we’re still in the running!! submitted my personal essays and such already, so best of luck to all of us!!

waitlisted:( environmental economics and policy major
gpa: 4.0
EC: I had two campus’s work experience. officer for few clubs. and some volunteer experiences
PIQs: I truly wrote my story, leadership, hardship, and volunteer. I wouldn’t say my piqs are that stand out, but I believe my stories are very sincerely.

It has been my dream school for the past few years. when I saw I didn’t get in, that was really painful. does anyone know how possible for the waitlisted students to be admitted?

waitlisted: Applied Math
GPA: 4.0
EC: Not much lol I support myself so it’s just school and work day in day out

the only thing i have to console myself is to delusionally think that Berkeley waitlisted me since they think I’ll go to UCLA lol (i’m socal)

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I am waitlisted too.
I am an international student applying out of state.

@crazytransfer @hamlet11 we are all waitlisted for the same major hehe

Waitlisted for anthropology b.a. with a 3.95 gpa. Funny thing is that I’m actually a history major but I want to double major with anthropology. I’m not sure why I applied with anthropology for Berkeley but history literally everywhere else. Ngl waitlist feels pretty good I thought I was going to get rejected. :sweat_smile:

Just heard that all transfer students of Letters and Science are admitted as undeclared. So, does anyone know are they going to take off the waitlist according to the space available for each major or just the waitlist as a whole.

Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.43
Local: SD Area
Advantages: Low income, first-generation, transferring from cc, latina

are you guys planning on submitting stuff or just opting in

Does anyone get the Haas waitlist? Calling Haas’s waitlist !!!

I was waitlisted with a 3.45 gpa for global studies. I honestly don’t know how, but I did complete my IGETC and will receive my ADT in communication studies.

I probably will submit the essay.