UC Berkeley Fall 2021: Transfer Waitlist Thread

i’m a computer science major

Did anyone else just notice a change in their faq/helpful links or have a photo of the old one. Could just be my anxiety tho haha

this what is the old one, what does yours look like ?

Man mine looks like that. What does the glitched one even look like?

ye, im a legal studies major

Is anyone else waitlisted as a Econ major?

Hey guys,
I made a discord channel, it is more convenient. Feel free to join:

discord .gg/Bmsgg3k4
(Take out the space between discord and .gg)

Anyone know if Is it 3 or 7 days to commit if you clear the waitlist?


Have you recieved the admission ?

Anyone having a double mailing address glitch?

Yeah, I had it long time ago

i’m waitlisted as a legal studies major as well!

hey everyone, any idea of when we might hear back? i’m already committed at usc but i’m still curious about my final decision for cal

at this point i’d said any time next week, considering tomorrow’s already friday and i don’t think any waves will start coming out over the weekend.

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we’re really in the home stretch i guess… but thanks so much for your insight, i’m really really hoping you clear the waitlist and have yourself the option to attend!!<3

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Guess, tomorrow is the day?

I lowkey feel like we’re going to get them incredibly late this year. The UCD thread has someone talking about august, and the freshman waitlist for berkeley isnt even going to be completed until end of june according to the email they received

thank you so much, good luck to you as well! <3 my birthday is on monday so hopefully it’ll be a nice little gift from cal :~)

i was taking a look at last year’s transfer thread and i’m not sure if it was just bc the pandemic made everything so chaotic but a lot of people in the forum mentioned that cal kept pushing back when they would release waitlist decisions. rejections also weren’t sent out until the very end of july, but in the freshman waitlist thread decisions started rolling out by the middle of june so around this time last year. i’m really hoping last year was just a fluke thing bc it would really suck if they utilize the freshman waitlist more and keep us waiting around. i don’t wanna stress anyone out or worry y’all, i’m manifesting better luck and more acceptances this time around!!!