UC Berkeley First Semester Schedule

So I’m gonna take Biology 1B with Bruce Baldwin, David Ackerly, and Ellen Simms; Comparative Literature R1A with Keith Budner, and Mathematics 1A with Alexander Paulin…am I gonna regret life after taking these courses? Btw these are all 4 unit classes and I am probably gonna take one more class that is maybe 1 unit to fulfill maybe one of my L&S breadth requirements or something. Should I switch my schedule around and take easier classes? I am really worried that I won’t be able to handle the work load especially since Biology 1B seems like a weeder course.

You may get more help if you specify (a) your intended major (and whether you have other goals like pre-med or pre-law), and (b) what AP scores you have or expect to get.

1B is not a weeder class. 1A is the sort of weeder class. Relax. I already answered this somewhere else that I can’t remember right now because I’ve been on CC for 2 hours. Completely normal workload. Actually on the easy side. 1B is fun, especially the labs, even though I think environmental biology is boring.

This is Berkeley. Easy is stuff that you know and are good at. Dutch culture or entomology is not easy for you, but it’s easy for the bug specialist and the Dutch major (which might not exist). Math, bio, writing you just took in high school. Not that bad.

Is there such thing as a 1 unit courses that can satisfy the breadth requirement?

I doubt if there are any 1 unit classes that will cover breadth. If it’s a matter of scheduling issues, all CCC offers online classes that will satisfy a breadth. Not sure if UCB will allow you to take a CC class while the school year is in session but they will let you take CC classes in the summer.

For CC class, assuming the course is UC transferrable, it is a matter of whether you can fit it in your schedule while attending UCB.

If you need a 1- or 2-unit course for just the units, try a Decal. Schedule usually goes up in early September. I have heard the English classes (is R1A one of those prereq classes?) are a ton of work. Yes, Bio 1B is slightly less horrible than 1A.