Uc berkeley housing-channing bowditch

I received an email from UCB housing the other day regarding the Channing Bowditch apartments. If I sign a 12-month lease, then a spot for me will be reserved in the apartments. I'm really interested in living in the apartments, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to commit to them for an entire year. I would also like to travel over the summer, not stay in Berkeley. What if I don't like the apartments and choose to move somewhere else after the first semester? What happens then? Do I still have a chance at the apartments If I don't sign the lease? Is signing the lease worth it? What are the consequences of pulling out of the lease, etc, etc? I'm required to respond by June 21 informing them of my decision. Thanks guys, this is a tough decision!</p>

<p>ask em if you can sublease your apartment. That way you can move out as long as you get someone else to fill your spot.</p>

<p>the terms and conditions say you cannot sublease it</p>