UC Berkeley likely letter this year??

<p>so i really wannt to go to UC Berkeley COE. and did some research on the college.
apparently in the past few years some people got the email from berkeley in feb saying that their applications are highly competitive and blah blah blah. the title was sth like "Berkeley celebrating women in engineering"</p>

<p>i know getting this email doesnt mean much. but im still really curious about it
does anyone know if berkeley is sending out a similar letter this year? has anyoone received one?????????</p>

<p>Maybe yes and maybe no but unless you actually receive one, what's this knowledge going to do for you? The fact is even if they exist, they're for the most highly coveted applicants. And another fact is that most eventual accepted kids NEVER see one. </p>

<p>Whatever the actual answer is, you're wise not to draw any conclusions about it, right?</p>

<p>Chances are you are one of thousands of kids who checked "send my scores to colleges" on your PSAT/SAT/ACT and the email you got was nothing special.</p>

<p>@T26E4-i thought many of the female applicants got it? i've heard several people getting that email and eventually got into Berkeley. that's why ii wanted to know. and wanted to know HOW likely it is..</p>

<p>Doesn't mean anything</p>

<p>what about the talent supplement? how likely for admit does receiving this request?</p>

<p>dont think it means much? maybe they just need some more information from you?</p>

<p>I don't even know if they exist. If they do, it's very rare and most accepted applicants don't get one.</p>