UC Berkeley math courses in summer

<p>Hi all,
first time poster here. I'm thinking of taking math 104 (analysis) at UC Berkeley in the summer. I just found out that graduate students often teach the course in the summer. Any inputs on overall quality of the GSI? who are some of the most helpful instructors teaching math 104 in summer? </p>

<p>anyone took math 104...feel free to share your experiences :)</p>


<p>Hrm... is it your first upper div math? If not, then go for it, otherwise I'd save analysis for fall/spring with a professor. I've had great experiences with GSIs also, but for the money, and considering it's analysis, I would go against it.</p>

<p>thanks! It's not my first upper division math but I am conflicted precisely with what you said,...for the fees, I was hoping a prof would teach the class...not that GSIs would necessarily be bad. </p>

<p>I am considering taking it because a) the summer session seems longer for this course so it may not be too rushed and b) it has discussion session which is surprisingly going to be taught by prof. Rezankhlou. I think the discussion session is what makes me still consider taking the course....ah...so confusing....to take or not to take?</p>

<p>thanks again!</p>