UC Berkeley or Davis?

<p>I'm a high school senior, accepted to both UC Berkeley & Davis. I'm having a difficult time deciding which college to go to, so I wanted to ask:</p>

<li>Which of the two has a better pre-med program/guidance/etc?</li>
<li>Which school sends more students to med school?</li>
<li>Is Berkeley really that much harder (GPA-wise) than Davis?</li>


<p>--So far as I know, neither school has any of these.
--Berkeley almost certainly sends more students, both by number and by percentage, than Davis. This isn't a useful number, because it doesn't control for student quality.</p>

<p>My DDs went to Berkeley & UCI, both were bio majors. Neither school offered much in the way of advising (one became pre-med, the other was not but was surrounded by them) UCI was very difficult in the bio area. I would not assume you will have any easier time or better GPA because you are at a mid tier UC. I would pick the one where you feel you fit best so you give yoursefl every chance to do your best and stay motivated</p>