UC Berkeley Supplement

<p>I received a supplement from UC Berkeley and I know that I got a borderline questionnaire. There are about 10 people from my school who applied, but only 3 of us were asked to fill out supplements. My friend has almost the same grades as I do, but he did not receive the supplement. My friends sister received one when she applied and she told me that if you get the supplement that means you are more than likely going to get in. However, my friend who received the supplement said that only 1 of us is going to get in. So I would like to know if either of them is right.</p>

<p>just wondering, when did you receive it? and what are your stats/major?</p>

<p>IDK but I heard that your chance is pretty much around 25% (for people who get the supplemental request) I got one from LA but didn't eat anything from UCB so I guess I am rejected.</p>

<p>Just 25 percent !! ^ I think its higher....Well I hope haha.</p>