UC Berkeley Transfer Conditions of Admission-- Rescind? Fall 2018

Congratsssss @viviantong !!! how did you explain yourself?

@viviantong no, I was rejected from UCLA :frowning:

@egyPharoah Thank you!!! I was just kind of honest in the questions and explained about my professor. For the additional comments, my closing statement was “I am a firm believer in fate-- I believe that I am meant to matriculate to the Class of 2021 at UC Berkeley.”

Nice!!! I’m very glad you made it :slight_smile: wish you best of luck in UC Berkeley.

@egyPharoah Thanks so much :))
Have you heard back from your update yet?

BTW, who was your admission officer? @viviantong

@egyPharoah Allison Yee!

@viviantong Not yet :frowning: mine is Quinn

hi @viviantong I am in a similar situation as well, but submitted the update form yesterday because my spring grades were just posted. Did they email you to let you know your admissions was sustained? Or did it show up on your portal? Also, how long after you submitted the form did you hear back? Thank you!!! I’m just so impatient haha

@viviantong, her admission was sustained!!! She was crying, tears of joy! It’s been a tough journey for her, but everything works out in the end!!! :smiley:

@egyPharoah Have you heard back yet? I also listed medical reasons with a medical document…

@aspiiriingmd Yes I got an email stating that my admission was sustained! It also shows up on my portal, the date that you submitted the update should change to the date they checked the form. Sorry for the late reply! It seems like you have a pretty solid reason for your grade so I believe your admission should be fine. Good luck :slight_smile:

@Scarsinstars I am SOOOoo happy for her!! It was a tough ride for me too, but I am glad that we both made it. I’ll see her around campus! haha