UC Berkeley Transfer Conditions of Admission-- Rescind? Fall 2018

Hi everyone,
I am a transfer student and I got accepted off of the waitlist a couple of days ago. After reading my terms of condition, I meet all of them except:
“I understand that I must complete all UC transferable courses that were self-reported in my application with a minimum term and overall 3.0 GPA, and no grade lower than a B- for any individual course.”

During the fall, I received all A’s. However, during my last semester before transfer, I received all A’s and one C.
My Spring 2018 GPA is 3.4 and my overall GPA is 3.8. I have already emailed my admissions officer about this situation, but I am afraid I will not get an answer by my SIR date, which is 6/14.

Do you think my admission will be evoked since my condition states that I cannot receive a grade lower than a B?
Please let me know, thanks so much!

Additional Information:
Major- Society and Environment
College of Natural Resources

There’s no way for anyone to tell. It could go either way. If you do not hear back by the deadline you have the option of SIRing to Berkeley and waiting to hear the outcome. They do allow double SIRs in these cases. Then when you hear, get rid of one of them. You will lose the deposit, however.

@Ohm888 Thank you for replying! Should I explain myself on the update form? The only option I could check off is if my GPA is below 3.0, but my GPA is higher than 3.0. Is my situation under that same category?

I would send an email through the portal making it clear.

@Ohm888 Do you know of any case in which someone was still offered admission even though they received a grade lower than the requirement?

I have the same problem @viviantong . Which college are you?

@egyPharoah Glad I’m not alone!! I’m CNR, how about you?

@viviantong yes, it often happens.

@viviantong I’m letters and science. I’m very worried :frowning:

@egyPharoah Are you on UCLA’s waitlist? I’m hoping to get into LA and that they are more lenient towards these situations

I had a similar problem, all up to this semester 4.0, got 2 B’s and a C. Submitted update form and go the ok like a week later.

@ughstress How did you explain why you got those grades?

Also, which box did you check off?

I had a medical issues during finals, I checked the part about the 3.0 GPA minimum, along with my medical documents I submitted my exams from the classes showing I was doing well up to finals. Just be very detailed on the sections of the update form and keep emailing your admissions counselor!

@ughstress You see, I don’t really have a solid reason as to why I received a C, but other than I got a terrible professor. All my admission officer told me was to utilize the update form. Should I keep emailing her?

Just in case there are people who are encountering my same problem, I will update my process on this forum.

I have explained my situation by utilizing the Admissions Update Form on the portal. I will post the outcome when I receive it!


My admission is sustained! I’m so happy. :’)

Congratulations on your admission. @viviantong . We are in the same predicament with one of our Seniors that has already been accepted. Her Fall report card 4 As one B and one C in Pre Cal Honors. She got accepted with that. However second semester got more challenging in Pre Cal Honors. She had already finished her A-G courses and had satisfied requirements. However she wanted to challenge herself with Pre Cal Honors. Unfortunately she finished her school year with a D in Pre-Cal Honors, the available help was more difficult to find second semester. Her mother could not afford a tutor. She maintained her grades up in the other subjects. Her overall GPA 3.8
Her intended major is Film Studies. She is writing a letter and we are all praying for good news

Thank you so much!

I am hoping for great news for her. Berkeley has a holistic view on the application process I have high hopes! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the positive vibes. Once again we are staying hopeful and So happy for you on your new journey.