UC Berkeley vs CMU

Definitely CMU. It is virtually impossible to have close connections or lots of attentions from the Professor at Berkeley. There’s a toxic environment at UCB (ppl tear up others’ books to stop them studying). The average salary and career development is also better at CMU.

I heard it’s hard to change majors at CMU (esp to CS). Berkeley is well-known for various majors (STEM, business etc.), so wouldn’t it be better if I go to Berkeley if I want to double major/change my major?

CS in the College of Letters and Sciences still requires you to obtain a 3.3 GPA in the screening courses before declaring. Yes, you can double major at UCB but if you are looking at CS and Business, you would also have to get into the Haas Business school which is no easy feat along with meeting the CS requirements for declaring. Basically no guarantees for either school.

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at CMU you can take the CS courses. Take the courses for purpose of learning, NOT for getting a degree pls. The value of a degree especially in CS is worthless imo if you want to go to SWE since in SWE a technical interview is waaay more important than the school you went to