UC Berkeley Waitlist Thread

So this is for all of us potential waitlist students. From what I read on last year’s wait list thread, nobody on college confidential were admitted. Waitlist admission seems to be EXTREMELY tough. So our chances are quite low. Especially since this seems to be the second year in a row Cal implemented a waitlist.

@fairy9999 @sarah38 @mariahlopez1

I’ll try to get other waitlist folks to see this if I can find their names.


Last year’s waitlist thread for reference.


UCSD rejected me and Cal accepted! What a weeeeeek!

already paid my deposit too.

@napoleonspirit Congratulations on your acceptance! :slight_smile: Wrong thread though.

Looks like the waitlist was useless last year, no?

Ya, not that optimistic about it at all.

Hey @Orangered123 what does it mean if I never received any emails today?

It seems strange not to notify by email. I’m wondering if other applicants received an email.

How do we appeal?

computer science BA, waitlist. This makes feel really bad, which is almost equal to rejection but they don’t let your hope go.

We can’t appeal since we are not officially rejected. Read the Q&A for waitlist on MAP

@weilan to a large extent yes. No idea what I want to do right now. Going to write a great essay. My grades didn’t improve or lower so that’s bad. Hope my essay is killer and they like it. Not much hope though. Not many people reject Cal.

I wish I could trade my acceptance with someone who wanted UCLA or something. :frowning:

Anyone not going to accept a spot on the waitlist?

And if so, why?

I already submitted the opt in for waitlisted students. I didn’t add anything in the boxes.

Ughh just admit or reject. Why they waitlisted us, gave us hope???!!!

@mariahlopez1 what’s your backup? Any reason why you didn’t choose to fill out the information?

@Orangered123 I was accepted to ucsd, ucla, uci and ucr. I chose UCI due to economic reasons. Also I feel like my chance is pretty low :frowning: