UC Berkeley Waitlist Thread

Hi everyone!

I was accepted :slight_smile: but im having trouble finding a place to live off campus

Can anyone tell me what sites are best and what to look out for?

Any information, hints, or success stories would be greatly appreciated

Thank you! Go Bears!

hi, has anyone got admitted off the waitlist register classes yet?

Has anyone been able to start golden bear advising yet?

Anyone able to access Golden Bear Advising yet?

I got an email this morning saying that for waitlist students golden bear advising will be on in the afternoon oh the 6th and the deadline extended for us till the 8th

Has anyone who got admitted last week have their financial aid awards posted? Mine is saying unavailable, and I can’t get anyone on the phone because they are “experiencing high call volumes”… Also I have not yet withdrawn my SIR at Davis because I’ve been nervous that Berkley may take my place away because I got 2 B’s and 2 A’s in spring, whereas prior to that I had a 3.95 GPA… do you think I will get penalised for not having withdrawn at Davis, or do you think I should be fine?

Hi, folks. I have a question about registration holds that I have posed to my admissions counselor but she has yet to reply. Maybe someone here can answer it. If my Cal Central says there are no active holds but some of my items are overdue (such as one of my transcripts) will I be able to register? I have several items in red but my cal central says “no active holds”. Thanks!!

@dank2018 yeah I did, that was my gpa when I initially applied then with the fall update it went up a little to about a 3.4 and after spring back to a 3.2… like I said my essay must have been fire

Has anyone been offered on-campus housing? I submitted my housing app the day after I was admitted but have not heard anything back.

@sarah38 you should be able to register. A lot of people’s CalCentral portal has not updated yet. Just this morning my portal updated to allow me to put classes into a shopping cart, so I can prepare to register on Monday. If you have a FB, you should join the UCB transfer class of '19 group. A lot of questions get answered fairly quick on there.

On my transcript, there’s a GPA hours, attempt hours, passed hours and then earned hours. Everything but GPA hours is 90. My GPA hours is 89. Does that mean I didn’t do those 90 units?

I am freaking out here.

Anyone knows what happens if igetc isn’t completed? Turns out I need one more course! Im concerned I will no longer be admitted for the fall :frowning:

@CaliOak You need to fill out the update form on MAP. They can rescind for incomplete IGETC, but it depends on your major.

@CaliOak How did you find out that your IGETC wasn’t complete? Was it not certified before you applied? Just curious.

My cc sent me a letter right before the july 15 deadline saying they could not certify my igetc because Im missing 1 course in the arts and humanities area. Although I have extra classes that could satisfy the area, its a matter of where I took the classes. Since my cc is made up of 4 colleges (peralta college district), each campus has its own igetc curriculum. I should’ve fulfilled the igetc at one college instead of taking courses at each college. Its confusing.


Theres a strong chance my admission will be rescinded lol

Does anyone know if I apply next year would reduce my chance to get accepted from the UC?

igetc certified! Phew

Hi, all. I’ve got a request to Cal financial aid office for the following question to be answered but I’m asking here in the meantime. My financial aid is selected for verification, and I’ve completed the documents and delivered them to my financial aid officer. Cal Central states ‘received’, although the same task is listed twice and the duplicate says ‘initiated’. Not sure why. Anyway, it’s July 29 and I believe I have to have the bill paid by 8/15. Does anyone know anything about the verification process? I’m nervous that it won’t be approved on time and I’ll have to get an emergency loan. Has anyone applied for an emergency loan? Is it time yet, if our final financial aid isn’t approved, and it still shows that it’s an estimated amount of aid?