UC Berkeley Waitlist Thread

Just got rejected.
Major: EECS


got an email saying I am rejected.
Major: Mathematics

Math major, rejection.

Same I’m applying again hopefully will see you guys after next fall <3

what are u guys GPA? @link01153113 @dragondo8 @dondell @anonymousros

@thehooman Apply Major: EECS
GPA: 4.0
Result: Rejected

I swear the people with the highest GPAs in this thread got rejected.


GPA 3.93

Major GPA 4.0

General ed associates in STEM and also in Social Sciences


L&S CS, rejected.

STATS major GPA 3.94

@studentzunite when I login to bcourses.berkeley.edu, I see an empty dashboard. Looked at links around and did not see anything which says click here for golden bear advising.

When you login to bcourses.berkeley.edu from calcentral or otherwise, where is the link for golden bear advising?

To those who got rejected, don’t feel dejected. You guys all got into great universities no doubt and will make the best out of it. May be Cal is your destination for grad studies.

Seems Cal is not so friendly to stem major.

@108Degrees I can access canvas/bcourses but do not have any courses or modules for the golden bear advising either but I think thats normal right now.I emailed nns and they told me that it’s because we SIR’d so recently. They told me we should have access by Wednesday and then finish so we can enroll in classes on July 10th. Basically, a lot of the stuff we need to complete is more on their end now.

Global Studies major GPA: 3.5 Rejected

I observed this thread for a couple of weeks. Just want to encourage those of you who did not get in. Obviously, for some highly competitive majors which have the admission rate of less than 10% ( CS, EECS, business and others), the chances to get in are very slim because the majority of admitted students accepted their offers. Anyway, don’t feel too much upset. Just move forward to your SIRed school with the POSITIVE attitude. You will be the top student there too. Good luck to everyone.

@robmcdonald everyone is admitted to a certain college within Berkeley and you don’t declare a major till usually late sophomore/junior year. The difficulty of declaring a major would depend on your grades for the major’s prerequisites, and probably your average GPA in general. This is because a lot of people switch majors, so your intended major on your application is just a guess.

Applied Math
GPA: 3.75
Looks like I’m going to UCLA for Stats…

Is it possible to appeal after this?

I think they have already closed everything.

One door closed, but the other one is opening for you. Go ahead to achieve your educational goal in another prestigious school and I believe you will not feel regretful in the future.