UC Berkeley Waitlist Thread


Theres a strong chance my admission will be rescinded lol

Does anyone know if I apply next year would reduce my chance to get accepted from the UC?

igetc certified! Phew

Hi, all. I’ve got a request to Cal financial aid office for the following question to be answered but I’m asking here in the meantime. My financial aid is selected for verification, and I’ve completed the documents and delivered them to my financial aid officer. Cal Central states ‘received’, although the same task is listed twice and the duplicate says ‘initiated’. Not sure why. Anyway, it’s July 29 and I believe I have to have the bill paid by 8/15. Does anyone know anything about the verification process? I’m nervous that it won’t be approved on time and I’ll have to get an emergency loan. Has anyone applied for an emergency loan? Is it time yet, if our final financial aid isn’t approved, and it still shows that it’s an estimated amount of aid?

@sarah38 I think they will process your documents in time. You might consider enrolling in the installment Fee Payment Plan (FPP) so you can start paying your bill, then they will adjust the payment amounts depending on their final determination of your award.