UC Berkeley

<p>Prospective GPA for Grades 10-12: 4.61
Current SAT-I Score: 700 Math 650 Verbal (8th Grade through Johns Hopkins)
Prospective SAT-I Score: 775+ Math 725+ Critical Reading 725+ Writing
Prospective SAT-II Scores: 750+ Math 2 700+ French 700+ US History
Prospective Number of AP Credits: 12-15</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
Tennis, 4 years.
Math Team, 4 years.</p>

<p>Misc. Merits:
Prospective Eagle in Scouting
Black Belt in Taekwondo
1st Place in State Math Competition
Various lesser awards in State Math Competitions
Co-Owner of Tutoring Company
Editor of a Bilingual Newspaper (French)</p>

<p>Prospective Community Service Hours: 200+</p>

<p>Non-California Resident.
Currently still a Sophomore, hence the numerous prospective values.</p>

<p>you need less prosepctive numbers. please give current uc gpa.</p>

<p>Is there any reason you can't just tell me what the chances would be for a person with those statistics? I'm currently a sophomore, so I don't really have any numbers to give that matter, aside from the Current SAT-I score that I already stated.</p>

<p>with that u have a good chance but i woulnt enticipate anything</p>

<p>I'm new to this forum, but I know for a fact a "true" Eagle Scout is a very rare occurance. I was a Boy Scout, but because of some eye issues that I don't want to get into, quit early in High School. I believe less than 10% of all Boy Scouts never make it to Eagle.</p>

<p>I know of a friend's brother who got into Cornell w/ a 3.8 Weighted GPA because he was an Eagle Scout. That not only means if you gave him a pocketknife and some rope, he'd survive in the desert, but it means he was a really truthful kid, loyal to everyone, and curteous to all. My neighbor's an Eagle Scout and but I somehow doubt if he wrestled a bear, he would make a scratch in the bear's fur... but he's a great kid nevertheless.</p>

<p>Boy Scouts has trained him well to be a good citizen and that counts for a lot in a world where people laugh about giving tourists wrong directions on purpose.</p>

<p>So if you go to Campouri's (I forgot how to spell it, it's been so long) (and you'll know what I'm talking about if you're a Boy Scout), and you exhibit the qualities of a Boy Scout to the people that you will eventually be getting letters of rec. from, it'll be the equivalent of a 1500+ SAT score. Real Eagles deserve to be in good schools. They should be the leaders of the next generation.</p>

<p>On a side note, a black belt in any "martial art" means jack crap these days. You just stay in the damned program for five years + and they'll thrust a black belt in your hands. As long as they've milked you for as much money as they can, they'll have no qualms for handing out black belts like candy.</p>

<p>Traditional Chinese Kung-Fu... learned in China... that would be something impressive.</p>

<p>12-15 AP Credits? You mean you're taking 12-15 AP Classes or the sum of your AP scres will equal 12-15?</p>

<p>Yeah I realize that the Black Belt isn't worth much but I figured I might as well put it anyway. As for the Eagle, I'm working at it and I still have three and a half years to get it with only about a year or less of time needed so chances are very high that I'll end up getting it. And about the APs, I mean 12-15 AP Tests. The actual class number will only be 11-13 but I'm self studying for 2 or 3.</p>

<p>ObiHaung - Actually its less than 4% of all Boy Scouts who make Eagle Scout, and it is one of the most respected ECs anyone can have. I've talked to admissions reps at Pomona, CMC, Yale, and others prestigious schools and they have said that they love Eagle Scouts because it shows commitment and leadership, both are qualities highly valued by colleges. Yay good for me, Sholtar good luck on completing your Eagle, and actually black belt is good because that also shows commitment.</p>

<p>Heh, thanks. And one thing I can't even believe I forgot to put in there, under Community Service... one week in Kentucky building homes in the Appalachia with LINKS (Low-Income Housing Coalition) and FAST (Faithful Advocates Serving Together). A group of teens from my church went along with 5 adults. We worked about 6-8 hours a day for a week. So take that into consideration too. Thanks for all the feedback!</p>

<p>Any more comments?</p>

<p>LOL @ "Traditional Chinese Kung-Fu... learned in China... that would be something impressive." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that would be impressive</p>

<p>And I care why? I'm looking for input, not moronic laughter. Thanks for the effort, though.</p>

<p>Any more comments?</p>

<p>Here's a list of the AP Tests I intend to take. * by a name means it's a maybe, ! by a name means I'd be self-studying as opposed to taking the class.</p>

<p>U.S. Government
Comparative Government
U.S. History
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Music Theory!
English Language
English Literature
French Language
French Literature
World History<em>!
Studio Art</em>!
Computer Science B<em>! (I'm more of a C person than a Java person but we'll see)
Statistics</em> (This one I might take the class, or I might not. It depends on what I end up taking in Math senior year. I'll have taken Calculus BC junior year, so there are no more Math APs other than this one, so I have to decide between taking this or taking Differential Equations via Running Start)</p>

<p>So, any more comments?</p>

<p>CS B? (you mean AB)</p>

<p>Calc AB & BC???</p>

<p>music theory, studio art?!?!?</p>

<p>Look beyond APs and college, get a life and do what you love, thats what colleges really want. Do not take worthless AP tests to pad the transcript, big no no! Don't become an eagle scout because you know colleges like it, become one because YOU want to. Now I understand CC probably isn't going to be the most apt to listen to this, but there is life beyond college. </p>


<p>I was in Scouts before I even had the slightest idea if I was going to college, let alone where to and what I'd want to major in. Likewise, I took music lessons long before I even knew there was a Music Theory AP. Studio Art is a very tentative maybe, chances are that I won't be taking it. As for Calculus, I'm advanced in math, math is easy for me, that doesn't mean that I don't have a life. And yeah, I meant AB, and computers are one of my many passions. Your post was completely pointless, you made assumptions that I spend my life trying to do things that will make getting into college easier, and you really have no clue. So, instead of wasting peoples time by making idiotic assumptions and telling them to 'get a life' when they already have one, try learning the meaning of helpful advice. You obviously don't even know what the term means.</p>

<p>my point was if you're so advanced in math why take AB and BC, just take BC. Maybe I did make assumption but the assumptions I've made could just as easily have been made by someone else, oh say an AdCom, that helpful enough?</p>

<p>Why take AB and BC? What the hell are you smoking? Have you ever heard of, say, the National AP Scholar Award? Or maybe the AP State Scholar Award? Taking both tests isn't a weakness, it's a strength. And as for the assumptions you made, I don't think many AdComs would assume that someone got an Eagle Scout because they thought it would look good on their college app. It's pointless to assume that an AdCom is going to assume that you did something for the sake of college, because they don't assume things like that. If they did, ECs wouldn't be worth anything. Your logic is severely flawed, I advise that you rethink what you're saying.</p>

<p>As an ex-Calculus BC student, I can advise you that taking both is indeed a waste of time. Just take BC.</p>

<p>Agreed, don't waste time taking AB, might as well hand them $80, BC has an AB subscore after all. Take math because its what you love, not for some award.</p>

<p>you're only illustrating my point, you'd take both to get those awards, not because you think they'd challenge you or get you credit in college(the original purpose of the AP tests). Now this is silly, you really don't seem to be able to see beyond awards and college admissions, I didn't intend my intial response to be interpeted as aggresive or over critical, I actaully thought it was a helpful observation, apparently it's been taken the wrong way. </p>

<p>Look back in thiry years and ask yourself if taking all those AP tests really made you that much happier. I'm not trying to be critical, just provoking thought. I mean only the best.</p>

<p>For one, I figured the credit and not having to take the class was implied, it's obvious that that was one of the reasons. Second, the AB subscore isn't included in the calculation of the awards. Third, if I'm going to take the class, it seems a waste not to take the test. Fourth, you don't know me, so I advise you not to make statements about what I can or can't see. And baronwolfnstein, my time is not so valuable that I can't afford to waste a few hours of my time, but thanks anyway.</p>

<p>Now, is there anyone who has any actual comments about my chances of getting into Berkeley? That's what I was looking for in the beginning, after all, not advice on how to live my life.</p>