UC Berkely vs Brandeis for pre-med/biochemistry?

I want to be a pharmacological researcher or medical doctor.
I get in state tuition for UC Berkeley but also got a very good scholarship through Edward Fein at Brandeis. I am low income so I get good support and scholarships at both places.
I love theater and Mandarin.
Overall, my most important concern would be where am I getting a better education and what place will get me into a better med school.

Colleges don’t “get you into medical school”. Any college in the country is capable of teaching the dozen or so lower-division classes needed to apply. Students that work hard to get a strong gpa, get to know some profs for strong recs, get exposure to the health care profession – these students have a good success rate. Their college didn’t do those things, the students did. And if you want to go to med school, so will you.