UC Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan

I’m transferring from a CC to a UC next school year. I’m an only child and raised by a single mother. My mom makes around 35k a year. I’m also a resident of California. Am I likely to get it?

Also, if I am eligible, what happens next and what’s covered other than tuition?


Take a look at the UC info page:

They are phasing some of it out so you need to really ask. Make sure that you apply for a CalGrant. Did your CC advisors not mention the CalGrant funding? http://www.csac.ca.gov/doc.asp?id=48

Make sure you apply before the deadline. If your Mom doesn’t file her taxes before April 15, you can send the estimated figures before March 2nd, then later, you correct the form and file the official stats.

As a practical matter, each college (including UC campuses) has a net price calculator on its web site. You can use it to get an estimate of what your financial aid may be like at that college.