UC Chances please Respond

<p>SAT 1: 1240 (670 math, 570 verbal) SAT 11 - Writing:600, Math 1C:600, History:600</p>

<p>4.083 UC weighted GPA
Mostly AP’s through Highschool. no forth year language and no AP english. Everything else i have been in highest classes offered. 1 “C” freshman year.</p>

<p>AP tests:
History 3
Chemistry 1</p>

<p>Extra Curicular:
Senior Class Officer - Treasurer
Created Politics Club
President of Politics Club
Memeber of Habitat for humanity Club
Junior year member of Philosophy Club
80 Hours Comunity Service
Volunteer Tutor
Politics Editor for school newspaper
Member of The Democratic Club of Conejo Valley
Worked On the Campaign of John Kerry
Director, Writer, and Actor of my own local access TV show
Played Drums for 8 years
Played in a band for 2 years and counting
Footbal 1 year
Basketball 1 year</p>

<p>Good/Great College Essay</p>

Voted senior favorites: most energetic</p>

<p>IN STATE</p>

<li>Cal state San diego</li>
<li>UC Berkley</li>

<p>Please respond as soon as you can, thanks everyone</p>

<p>UCSB: Match
UCSC: match-safety
UCSD: Slight Reach
UCI: Match
SDSU: Safety
Georgetown: Reach
UCB: Reach</p>

<p>Hey if someone wants to evaluate me, here are my stats and the colleges I'm applying to:
SAT I verbal: 660 math: 600 (I just took it again and I'm waiting to see my new scores)
SAT II writing: 620 math IC: 580 literature: 640</p>

<p>cumulative gpa (unweighted): 3.4 (I had a bad sophomore year, I switched schools)
taking fairly decent classes, total of 4 ap's, and one college course (Political Science)</p>

o CSF (California Scholarship Federation)- 4 years- active member
o Hi-Tide Student Newspaper- 2 years- business manager, advertising assistant
o Link Crew (leadership program designed to aid freshmen)- 3 years- active leader, tutor
o Regular choir- 1 year (9th)- librarian, secretary
o Madrigals (audition choir)- 2 years (10th, 11th)- librarian
o Jazz Ensemble (audition show choir)- 2 years (11th, 12th)- librarian, secretary/treasurer
o Honor Choir-2 years
o Musical- Once Upon A Mattress
o Key Club (volunteering)- 3 years- 652 estimated hours of community service
o Sunday School Teacher- 2 years
o Youth Group- 3 years
o SAVY (Students Actively Volunteering for You)- 4 years
o 1st Priority (Christian Club)- 2 years- (switched schools)
o GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)- 2 years
o FEA (Future Educators of America)- 2 years-(switched schools)
o Sierra Service Project- 3 years- summer week-long service trip where we fix up houses on an Indian Reservation (I’m going to be a staffer-in-training this summer)
o Part-time job during the summer of junior year and senior year</p>

<p>and from the feedback I'm getting, my essays are pretty good, and they explain a lot about why my grades dropped and why most of my clubs I've only done 2 years of, because of switching in the middle of a semester sophomore year. </p>

<p>anyway, these are the schools I'm applying to:
o Simpson University
o LeTourneau University
o Covenant College
o Westmont University
o UC Santa Barbara
o UC Berkeley
o UC Davis
o UC Irvine
o Cal State Fullerton</p>

<p>all of the private universities are fairly small christian schools, so you may not have heard of them. anyway, ask me any questions that might aid you in evaluating me. thank you so much!</p>


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<p>alright, I did.</p>