UC Chances Please

<p>Pakistani Male
Sat: 1120
Sat 2: 700 writing 770 Us History 450 Math Ic
Gpa: 3.83 weighted
3.5 unweighted
rank: top 8 percent 10-12th grade</p>

UC Irvine
UC Davis
UC Santa barbara
UC San diego</p>

<p>u need to get ur sat and sat2 math up to get into any of them</p>

<h2>really not even one of the ones mentioned above</h2>

<p>Didn't you already post the same thread already?</p>

<p>yeah, im trying to get more responces</p>

<p>yea, get ur sat scores up a bit. if your out of state, your gonna need around a 1300 to be considered, but dont be discouraged! I got into ucsd with a 1220 sat and i am out of state. i had like a 600 writing, 540 us history. haha i dont know how i got in. but yea, hit up the sat books!</p>

<p>im from cali</p>

<p>have you taken any ap or honors classes?</p>

<p>Yeah alot junior and senior year AP US History AP Art History Ap Phych Ap Environmental SCience AP Stats Ap english Honors English III Ap Goverment Ap Econ Earth science at Jc but counts as honors to the uc</p>

<p>I think you have a legit shot.</p>

<p>My sister got in
she got into UCI, UCR she went to UCI
Her stats:</p>

<p>SAT1: 1170
SAT2 Eng:690 MathIC:640 Chinese:710
AP: USGovt, CalcAB, Spanish all 2
EC: CrossCountry, Track, NHS Executive Council, Photography
GPA: 3.87 Weighted in the 2nd decile</p>

<p>Asian Female</p>