UC chances (revised) ?

<p>I am a California resident wondering my chances at the better schools within the UC system ( Berkeley, LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara). Here are my stats.</p>

<p>White male
SAT 1: 1370 (680 m, 690 v)
SAT ‘s: math 2c: 760, chemistry 670, writing 740, US history 690.
Will retake SAT's, probably going to get about a 1430.</p>

<p>Class rank: 14 / 320
Will have taken 6 of the 8 AP classes offered at school, in addition to 3 honors.
UC GPA: 4.24</p>

<p>Extracurricular :
-3 yrs basketball
-2 years tennis
- founded peace club
-president of peace club
-national merit commended
- work part time at local fairgrounds
-Eligibility in the Local Context
- Volunteering, (assistant coach of an eighth grade CYO basketball team). </p>

<p>Hi there, I'm a senior taking five AP classes, with a job, and playing sports. In the past I have taken rigorous courses and gotten A's in pretty much all of them. I have heard that the UC's only look at sophomore and junior grades in admissions. I'm anticipating getting a spread of A's, B's, and C's in these classes (due to senioritis), but nothing lower than a C. Will these grades be looked at, and, if so,will they affect admission in any manor? </p>

<p>Any answers to these questions will be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Although the UCs won't look at senior year to make an admission decision, they will see your final transcript after you graduate. UC acceptances are conditional, and both Berkeley and UCLA require an unweighted 3.0 for senior year, or admission can be revoked. </p>

<p>As far as your chances, your stats are indicative of a solid chance for admission at all the UCs, although no guarantees for any specific one.</p>


<p>UCB: Match
UCLA: Match
UCSD: Safe Match
UCSB: Safety</p>

<p>Thanks anxious mom and flopsy. More replies would be great...</p>

<p>Berkeley and UCLA are by no means a match for anyone, they just have such an enormous applicant pool. Your test scores are pretty average, your ECs are pretty common and weak (except for founding the peace cl;ub, maybe an essay topic), but your GPA is very good so your essay will play a big part as to whether you get addmitted or not. You have to show a real interest in the schools you want to attend and make yourself stand out. If you can do that then you'll be in pretty good shape.</p>

<p>UCB: Reach
UCLA: Reach
UCSD: Harder Match
UCSB: Match</p>