UC college requirements

<p>I don't know if any of you are planning to attend a UC college/university, but I'm almost certain that there's going to be a few on my future college application list. UC colleges require 1 year of performing arts (drama, painting, drawing, dancing, band, etc), and I'm currently a freshman, (supposedly) leaving some time for me to complete this. Except I really want to take AP math/science classes as my junior/senior electives, and AP Art/art history looked WAY too hard (and slightly pointless) to get an A in. I was debating about whether to take dance PE and kill two birds with one stone, but really, I'd rather not dance and take tennis PE. </p>

<p>My question is: is there any shortcut out of this? Like passing level 8 of the Certificate of Merit? If not, what did you do/plan to do to get the performing arts requirement over with?</p>

<p>I had an extra slot freshman year, so I just took Visual Arts and got it over with.</p>

<p>Nahh I'm pretty high up in CM too, it doesn't exempt you. You just have to suck it up and take an art class of some kind. I did band in 9th/10th.</p>

<p>I personally took art history at the local community college. Easy A, just had to read the textbook 20 minutes a week. Now I have 3 transferable credits to any UC/CSU and it completes my one year of art.</p>