UC computer science transfer, I have some worries.

How is everyone doing?

(And please skip any grammar mistakes- English is hard!)

I posted something similar here
The post was about ‘would having a lower cumulative gpa affect the transfer chances even if the transfer gpa is 4.0?’
I’ve got an answer that they wouldn’t factor the non-transferable GPA in, as long as I maintain high GPA
in transferable classes.

However, what about the math classes that are important to Engineer/Letters&Science majors?

I figured the admission officers DO look at your full transcript. So I’m freaking out.
AND I want to get into the depth of the patterns in grades.

For example, I have a B in Trigonometry but I have an A in the first Calculus class.

Would having a B in trigonometry be something to explain?

Okay, to be honest I didn’t care about non-transferable classes thus I have some B’s.

But ones that matters, I tried.

Please, any UC transfer students have any have similar stories like I do?

Please halp :C

They calculate every course that transfers to the UC. If it does not transfer, they don’t count it. I’m not a math person, but if trig and int algebra are considered the same, then it is not transferable and will not be counted.

Int algebra is not the same as trig. I don’t think trig is transferable, though.

You will have to input the grades into your Transfer Admission Planner regardless if it’s transferable or not, and it will show up in your Overall GPA that you see on the page, but they won’t count it.

Okay. So only math classes that matters (even the patterns of it) should be just transferable classes. Pre-Cal and up. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thank you both of you. And is that Roosebelt’s picture photoshopped with muscleman? Holy. O_O

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